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then what am I to you

May I ask why you going to court my dear?

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for under the influence (which i was not, my father called the police on me after id be asleep for an entire day and then even had dinner the night before the morning he called. they came, knew me, asked when the last time i used and just because i was sweating and nervous, also w my dad saying id been asleep for an entire day, they charged me w under the influence) and im violating my probation w that charge even tho i was to be off of probation last month, but i am still on probation and i have many priors. :[ 

court today

almost sure im going to jail

pray for me

if i dont post for a while dont unfollow me

ill be back

i love you all

Me and my friend are both getting promoted at work as asst. managers and they're gonna drug test us! We are both daily stoners and he says we need to quit, but I don't want too. Any EFFECTIVE ways I could get around the drug test and still pass?

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How to pass a drug test:
Drink lots of water and exercise as much as you can. Even if that means going on a walk after work. The exact amount of water you need to drink varies. Don’t go overboard and drink gallon upon gallon of water an hour before your test, as you can develop Water Poisoning if you drink too much. Drinking around 8 glasses the morning before you go in might be enough, but a general rule of thumb is to drink until you’re pissing clear (and running to the bathroom pretty frequently), and maintaining that level by continuing to steadily drink water right up till you go in the door of the testing facility.
At this point your pee should be clear which is suspicious. Take a vitamin B pill which will turn your pee back to the yellow color. Take 50-100 mg the day before your test.
Now how long will it take? For a person of average weight allow 1-3 days for a single use (bowl or 2 with friends some night, NOT an all-night smokathon) — For “regular” use, including daily use, 5-10 days — For Chronic use, meaning multiple times per day, every day, 15-20 days.
For heavier, less-active people those numbers rise quite rapidly, up to 1-2 months for a chronic user. Smaller people will also burn it off faster.

For something not so natural, 420 Body Clean: Advanced Rapid Cleanser, works in 1-2 hours with only the drink and 20oz of water. Also the Stay Clean system works in a similar fashion.
Hope this helps! Stay lifted!

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of course

youd let me down